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New Life Fertilizer

A nutrient rich organic by-product of aquamation.

The circle of life is nature’s way of giving back life to the earth when something dies. The benefit of Aquamation achieves this greater purpose; Giving new life to the earth from the body of our pets.

Creating New Life During the 20 hour cycle of aquamation, water molecules change the composition and structure of the animal to create a new substance, a rich organic liquid that has been tested and analyzed to be an effective natural fertilizer. This natural substance, derived from our pets, can be recycled back into nature without any negative environmental consequences to our planet! The rich organic liquid from the body of our pets are the basic building blocks to create new life on this earth!

Your beautiful pet could be a cherry tree, or a lemon tree or the essence from your pet can be used on organized farms to feed our planet. Our pets do not have to disappear into some dark hole of non-existence when they leave us. Captured in this 16 oz bottle, this effective natural fertilizer can be spread over a bed of flowers in the backyard or used on a favorite walking path or used to fertilize potted plants in your home. There is something very therapeutic and healing for families knowing the essence of their pet gets to live on!
We are hoping to change the state of our funerary practices by allowing our pets to create new life. Compare that to fire cremation, where the by-product of fire is smoke containing carbon monoxide (deadly), sulfur dioxide (toxic), mono-nitrogen oxides (smog), volatile organic compounds (harmful compounds with long-term health hazards) and particulate matter (dust particles of all types of materials that can be inhaled causing serious health problems.) Through flame cremation, all these toxins can be released into the environment.
In contrast, through the aquamation process, there are no emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses or smoke released into the atmosphere. This very important part of our process ensures the air we breathe is cleaner, and now with this bottle, we have the technology to transition the body of our pets to create new life! We are proud to take a family’s personal tragedy, which it is and turn it into a positive environmental impact.
Thank you for making this world greener one pet at a time!