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Ensure a Calm & Compassionate End | Pet Euthanasia at Home

Compassionate Care is dedicated to helping your family and pet with a gentle end-of-life transition. We will refer an independent trained Veterinarian who can offer comprehensive services for you every step of this difficult period. From the moment of diagnosis to your pet’s final moments, these Veterinarians will provide caring and compassionate support. If you have a Veterinarian you trust, please contact your Veterinarian to take your pet under their care for Euthanasia. We are not interested in taking away business from your Vet! However, you must inform your Veterinarian Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation will provide Aquamation services. In this way flame cremation will not be a final option. Another choice, there are Veterinarians that will come to your home giving your furry family member the peace to pass in the familiar and loving environment of your home.

Pet Euthanasia at Home
For many pets, going to the vet is stressful and scary. Many of our 4-legged loved ones don’t like getting into a car, let alone being dragged into a building filled with noise, confusion, unusual smells, and other animals. Especially at the end of their life, it can be too much for them and you to bear.

An in-home euthanasia service allows your pet to pass on in the familiar and loving environment of your home. Practicing medicine in the home is more convenient for the family and more calming and comfortable for the animal. We want your pet and their families to be able to face this time with dignity, comfort and privacy and we are dedicated to providing a calm and peaceful transition.

Compassionate Care assists all companion animals, including dogs, cats, small animals and exotics.

Throughout this difficult time, Compassionate Care makes sure that you and your family get the support and guidance you need. And when the time comes, we help you with the options and logistics of aftercare.

We provide grief support and opportunities to share your feelings with others. We help you find the best ways of memorializing your beloved pet and we guide you through the options for a loving and respectful burial or dispersion.

Please call if your pet needs hospice care or if euthanasia is the next step in your journey with them. We will refer an experienced Veterinarian for you to speak with.