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Aquamation For Veterinarians

Did you know of a more dignified and environmentally friendly aftercare alternative to pet burial or cremation? Today, several veterinarians offer pet owners aquamation services, which is one of the best ways of handling your pet’s remains. 

You can now easily request aquamation services from a veterinarian in New York who provides it and have your pet’s remains handled with utmost care. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of all you need to know about this intricate process.

What Is Aquamation

Also called alkaline hydrolysis, aquamation is a water-based, environmentally friendly alternative to pet burial or conventional cremation. In this process, the pet’s body is placed into a container filled with an alkali bath consisting of salts that break down a buried body.   

The container is then placed inside a stainless steel machine. The combination of alkalinity, warm temperature, and gentle airflow is used to speed up the natural process of tissue breakdown.  This process reduces the organic material to its basic, leaving a sterilized water solution and mineral bone. 

Pet aquamation is a gentle, eco-friendly, and natural alternative to flame-based cremation. Though this process is now gaining popularity, it was patented in 1988 and approved for human disposition in major universities such as Duke University and UCLA and hospitals like the Mayo Clinic. 

Why Should Pet Owners Use Aquamation?

There are several reasons why aquamation is one of the best ways of a family honoring their beloved pet’s life. Unlike flame cremation, Aquamation does not directly contribute to a greenhouse effect, and since it does not use fire, it produces no toxic emissions. 

More benefits of using aquamation include: 

  • 66% more electrical conservation
  • It has 1/10 the carbon footprint of conventional cremation
  • It is 100% mercury-free
  • Reduces 90% of carbon dioxide emissions
  • It uses 90% less natural gas
  • It is eco-friendly and uses 95% less energy than traditional fire cremation.
  • No burning of fossil fuels
  • 20%+ more ash remains returned to the family.
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Veterinarians – In a Gentle Way, You Can Shake the World

Pet Cremation

New York Veterinarians are some of the most compassionate, trustworthy doctors in the field of medicine. Part of that trustworthiness involves giving clients multiple end-of-life choices that align with their families’ values.

I’m discussing end of life choices in this video because many families that become familiar with the benefits of Aquamation are upset that their veterinarian never gave Aquamation as a choice for the final disposition of their pet.

I do understand many Veterinarians have long standing relationships with a flame crematory, BUT, if a veterinarian offers and performs euthanasia as a service, and only offers their client a flame cremation option, that practice is not allowing families to decide the best method of disposition for their family, and their pet. Aquamation in New York is a legal and valid aftercare choice for families. Unfortunately end of life is a very real part of a veterinarians practice and Aquamation is indeed available for all families that a clinic, house call vet, or hospital serves.

This video is not suggesting you replace flame cremation with Aquamation. Your practice should provide aquamation as an option without changing your end-of-life offerings as it is set up now. Let the family decide on what end of life method is best suited for them and their beliefs. We believe it is a veterinarian’s fiduciary responsibility to the families they serve to allow them to make that choice.

And to those flame crematories you work with, they are not our enemy. We have much respect for them. They are animal lovers as we all are, and I am sure they provide a quality service to the veterinarians and families they serve. We simply believe in an eco-friendlier process that is healthier for the environment we all share and will pass down to a younger generation.

Finally, Aquamation or the scientific term, Alkaline Hydrolysis, is not theory, New York families are already embracing the environmental benefits aquamation offers. To prove this point, as of this video, Compassionate Care has over 230 perfect 5-star reviews from veterinarians and families alike. What a powerful statement families are making, and those families are much like the clients you serve on a daily basis. To learn more about why Aquamation is the future of pet disposition please visit us at or watch some of our outstanding videos showcasing what we know is the future of pet disposition in New York & beyond. We appreciate the services every veterinarian provides to our New York pets. Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation can be reached at 516-608-2279