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Communal Aquamation

When an owner does not want the pet’s ashes back – the pet is communally aquamated. This simply means that more than one pet may be aquamated at the same time. Pet owners opt for this option as memorial jewelry, pendants and keepsakes may be favored over pet cremains. A certificate bearing the pet’s name, owner’s name and date of aquamation is prepared and personally signed. If you elect to have your pets ashes returned to you, then your pet will be aquamated individually so that you can be sure to get your pets ashes back.

Individual Aquamation

With a Individual aquamation, your pet is placed in a private cradle with an identifying token to ensure that only your pet’s remains are returned to you. We identify and tag your pet with an identification number upon an optional pick up at your home or veterinary clinic. A stainless steel cremation disc with the ID number engraved on it remains with the pet throughout the aquamation process. Ashes will be returned to you in a Quality Standard Urn. Custom Urns can be purchased for an added fee, please see our Memorializing Your Pet page