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Aqua cremation is a method of final disposition that is available for our pet loved ones. The scientific name for this water-based process is alkaline hydrolysis. Aquamation (also called water-based cremation, alkaline hydrolysis, bio-cremation, green cremation, and flameless cremation) is an emerging form of body and pet cremation that is gentler to the environment. It is the same process that occurs as part of nature’s course when a body is laid to rest in the soil. Our bio-friendly approach uses alkaline hydrolysis to essentially accelerate what takes place in natural decomposition. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity are used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials.

Essentially, the aqua cremation process is an accelerated form of what happens during natural decomposition in nature. The pet remains are respectfully placed inside a stainless-steel chamber, and alkalinity, water flow, and warm temperature are used to speed up the breakdown of soft tissues.

The process can also be used on the remains of a large animal like a horse. In the end and after drying up of the sterile water solution, only the powdered mineral ash of the pet’s bones will remain. Generally, alkaline hydrolysis is an accepted “green” procedure of breaking down pets, humans, and animal remains with no emissions of harmful greenhouse gases spewed into the atmosphere we all share and breathe.

Where Can Cook County Pet Owners and Veterinarians Get the Best Cremation Services
At Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation, our services are respectful, high quality, and convenient to our clients, pet owners, and veterinarians. We currently offer aquamation services throughout Cook County.

How Do We Make Sure Pet Owners Get an Individual Aquamation of Their Pets
We use an identification tag for tracking your beloved pet from the moment we get their remains until the time of giving them back to you. Every pet’s tag has a unique serial number attached to them, and we check it at all stages to ensure it stays with them throughout the process. The pet is also placed in a separated compartment to ensure they are kept separately from the remains of other pets. This guarantees that you’ll only receive your pet’s ashes with absolutely no co-mingling.

Reasons why Ash Remains after Aquamation are Whiter in Color and not charred by fire
The pet’s ash remains after aquamation are 20% more than those of flame cremation. Some pet bones are destroyed during incineration or expelled into the air because of the high heat of a flame cremation oven. In contrast, the aqua cremation process involves gentle water flow more gentle than the flow of a creek or stream. After the aqua cremation process is completed, the bone remains of the pet are dried naturally and returned to the owner inside a beautiful urn. Although ash from aqua cremation is cleaner and not charred by fire, ash color can vary due to a variety of factors such as animal health, age, pigmentation and bone density.

The powdered remains are lighter in color than in flame cremation method because there is no carbon discoloration during aquamation. Also, after the aqua cremation process, the remains are 100% sterile, 100% pathogen free and 100% all of your pets bone ash is returned.

Safety of the Aquamation Method
The water-based solution contains 5% alkali (potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide) and 95% water. This alkali solution is very safe, and it’s similar to the one used for shaving creams, cosmetic products, body washes, and even food preparation. At the end of the procedure, the alkai will have been fully neutralized and consumed and would no longer be in the water solution.

Also, the bone remains are 100% safe to handle with your bare hands shortly after the procedure. They’re are free of pathogens and other diseases. They’re also environmentally safe to scatter on the ground or return to nature in your backyard or favorite spot.

Also, it is important to note that no acid is EVER used, as alkali is part of soil’s natural elements.

What You Can Do With Your Pet’s Remains
There are numerous brilliant memorial ideas that pet lovers can utilize with the remains of their pets. Some common ways include keeping them in urns, burying or scattering them in a special spot. Others include mixing the powdered remains into the soil when planting a memorial plant, tree, or garden. They can also be incorporated into art, paintings, ceramics, tattoos (they can be pet’s paw print, body, or face), or glass jewelry. Most recently, pet owners are solidifying the ashes of their departed companion into parting “stones.” They can be made into fireworks and even synthetic diamonds. The ashes can be mixed with concrete for the ocean’s memorial reefs, statues, and even stepping stones.

How You Can Incorporate Your Pet’s Aquamated Ashes Into A Memorial Planting
The pet’s ashes after aquamation are pure calcium phosphate which can be utilized as a fertilizer. However, you must use the right quantity because too much can damage the soil or your plants.

You can use calcium phosphate more appropriately in organic soil that has a pH <7.0. It will be broken down easily and in a form that the plant will use slowly for up to months. However, you will first mix it into the soil and water the plant regularly, especially during the planting period. You can also utilize the ashes of your beloved companion at a lower rate in a larger area or project. Your departed pet will now be part of a new living thing for you to remember them and enjoy their presence. It’s also a great way to say goodbye in a way that is environmentally friendly and unique. Aquamation is a well-established technology, and it has only recently started to be utilized by pet owners, veterinarians, pet clinic owners, and other players in the pet industry. Compassionate Care Aquamation is one of the few companies that have adopted the most recent technology in the aquamation technique. That explains why we have a greater experience in its use than other aquamation services providers. We understand what a difficult time feels like when pet lovers lose their companion and true friend who they have lived with for years. It’s the reason why we are passionate about providing pet aquamation services in an environmentally friendly manner and which has the benefits of having your pet as close to you as possible. Our aftercare services are also exceptional; our priority also includes providing all the necessary assistance with a respectful service for you and your pet as you celebrate their life. All you need to do is give us a call for any advice, service, or assistance on pet aquamation services. Share with us your story and tell us your memorial wishes. We will help you create and execute the best memorial ideas for your pet. Our complete aqua cremation service is highly efficient, and we will help you decide on the best way to use your friend’s ashes if you choose not to keep them in their special urns. Give us a call if you’re in Cook County or any other part of Illinois. Contact us for pickup and delivery services or any questions you have regarding final disposition of your pet.