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Aquamation – The Future of Pet Disposition in Illinois

Anyone who has ever considered becoming a pet owner understands that the hardest part of having a loving pet is the eventuality of losing that pet. It is an inevitable part of life, but it is never something easy to accept.

Pet owners consider their fuzzy, furry, feathery, or scaly friends as members of their family, and they treat them as such. At the end of the pet’s life, this family member deserves a respectful and honorable send-off.

At Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation in Illinois, we understand how difficult it is to face the end of a pet’s life. Our team (serving Illinois metro area) wants to help you provide the most respectful and gentle end-of-life service. We specialize in a process known as pet aquamation. It is the future of Pet Cremation in Illinois and is becoming the preferred alternative to traditional pet cremation services.

Pet Cremation, Illinois

Throughout your pet’s life, you have very likely provided them with the best food, a copious amount of treats and toys, and shown the pet as much love and care as possible. When their life has come to an end, most pet owners want to make the transition as respectful and as gentle as possible.

Burial services in a pet cemetery are costly and not as common as they used to be as many pet owners want to have the remains of their pets near them to keep the memory of the pet alive and well.

The common method for handling the body of a deceased pet is through flame cremation. This type of Pet Cremation involves fire to burn away the organic material that makes up the body until all that is left are the inorganic remains of the bones.

Unfortunately, traditional flame cremation services tend to be very harsh on the pet’s remains, and the process negatively affects the environment. In fact, the health risks to humans and pets from flame cremation have been well documented. These pollutants can reach deep into the lungs, can increase the risks of heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, and adverse birth outcomes, and exacerbate other conditions such as diabetes.

For this reason, an eco-friendly alternative called Aquamation is considered a greener choice for Pet Cremation in Illinois, which eliminates the use of fire and replaces it with water to return a pet back to mother nature. This process is known as aquamation.

Why Is Aquamation considered an environmentally friendly choice?

The burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas are known causes of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases play a major role in affecting the earth’s temperature. These greenhouse gases are trapped inside our earth’s atmosphere causing our earth’s temperature to rise. Our rising earth temperature has contributed to melting ice caps and wild weather conditions we all have experienced.

Pet aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water-based cremation, does not burn any fossil fuels. It is a very energy efficient process that boasts greater than a 90% energy savings compared to flame cremation. It’s the most eco-friendly method of Pet Cremation in Illinois as well as the most eco-friendly method of Pet Cremation on the planet with 1/10th the carbon footprint compared to flame cremation.

Aquamation is the future of pet disposition for the following reasons:

  • Price points that are competitive with flame cremation.
  • No emissions of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Over 90% energy savings when compared to flame-based cremation.
  • 1/10 the carbon footprint of flame-based cremation.
  • 20% more ash remains returned to the family.
  • A gentle flameless process that uses water instead of fire to return a pet back to mother nature.

What Happens During the Aquamation Process?

Hydrolysis works in this way; Aquamation is identified as a combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity that are used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials. What can take 3 months to 5 years in nature, Aquamation takes 20 hours to complete. The process uses a solution of 95% water and 5% alkali and it’s actually the water molecules that break the bonds. To give you an example of how clean this process is, the 5% alkali used in this process are the same alkalis used in common cosmetic products, like body washes and shaving creams, and even in food preparation. At the end of the process, all alkali has been completely consumed and neutralized, and no longer remains in the water solution. At the end of the Hydrolysis process, the only remains left are the bone, with two significant improvements over cremation – the bones from aquamation are whiter and cleaner as we are able to return, on average, 20%-30% more remains because the process doesn’t involve fire and doesn’t involve a chimney so there’s no particulate loss! In addition, all euthanasia chemicals are neutralized and broken down completely in this process. All pathogens are destroyed, making the material completely pathogen and disease free, completely sterile and 100% safe to handle.
The mineral remains of the bone are then dried and processed into a powder for return to the family in a special urn chosen by the family.

The family of the deceased pet is given the remains in an urn to be memorialized in any way the family sees fit. Whether you keep the “ashes” in the urn or decide to use some of the ashes in a pendant or other memorial, Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation can help you find the right method to honor your beloved pet.

Why Choose Pet Aquamation as a Pet Cremation Option in Illinois?

As a green alternative to flame cremation, there are many advantages to choosing aquamation. One of the most important benefits of this form of pet cremation; Owners retain all the pet cremains through this gentle dignified process.

With flame cremation, particulate matter of the animal is discharged through the chimney along with the smoke and carbon dioxide produced during the process. That particulate loss is equivalent to 20-30% less ash remains of your pet returned to you. On smaller animals this percentage of loss is usually on the high side. The aquamation process is a more gentle process (see hyperlink, gentle dignified process above) guaranteeing more of their pet loved one’s “ashes” returned to the family.

Another major benefit of aquamation is that there is no emission of harmful gases into the air we all share and breathe. There are no chimneys or smokestacks during or after the Aquamation process. We are making this world greener one pet at a time.

Burial in a pet cemetery also leads to harmful and toxic liquids possibly seeping into the ground from the decomposition process. In fact, the whole burial process is a CO2 emissions nightmare. So much energy is required to manufacture a casket and to transport it. Some other emissions come from:

  • Cutting down trees
  • Manufacturing the casket
  • Digging the grave
  • Transporting the wood
  • Transporting the casket
  • Cement manufacturing
  • There are 4,300 square miles devoted to graveyards including humans worldwide. That is a lot of lawn care maintenance for the cemetery grounds!

Aquamation prevents all of this because the procedure emits no harmful gases. No trees are chopped down, there is no digging of a grave, or transporting wood.

Finally, aquamation is very energy efficient compared to cremation as it uses a fraction of the energy that the alternative does to complete the disposition of the remains.

No fossil fuels are burned, and only a small percentage of the energy needed for cremation is necessary for aquamation since fire-based cremation requires temperatures of up to 2000°F. Aquamation uses only a fraction of that energy to complete a pet cremation in Illinois.

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Our pet families are making this world greener one pet at a time.

At Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation in Illinois, we know very well how much love and concern pet owners have for their exotics and furry friends.

Pets are a part of the family, and the goal of our memorial team is to help you honor and respect the lives of your beloved pets through our eco-friendly pet cremation services.

Your pet is a well-loved member of your family, and it is our honor to provide you with high-quality aquamation service to help you say goodbye.

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