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Pet Cremation in Long Island

The grief might be devastating if your pet has passed and you find it difficult to move on with life without their presence. Our pet cremation service will never take your grief away, but we can make you feel you have made the right decision going with us. Aside from the empathy and compassion we are know for,  there are many great options we can offer to remind you or/and your family of all the great memories you shared with your pet.

Pet Cremation Long Island
Aquamation is a eco-friendly method of Pet Cremation

At Compassionate Care pet aquamation, we are pet lovers, and our services are the best in Long Island; they’re gentle, respectful, friendly, and high-quality. We treat our client’s pets just like we would want our pets to be handled. Take a moment to check our incredible 5-star reviews. Our standard of excellence is unmatched in the pet industry today. 

Aquamation is the future of pet disposition as well as human disposition after passing away. It’s an eco-friendly aftercare method to return your pet to mother nature. 

Aquamation is a water-based, environmentally friendly alternative to pet burial or conventional cremation. In this process, the pet’s body is placed into a vessel using 95% water and 5% alkali. It’s actually the water molecules that break the bonds to return a pet back to mother nature.

The combination of alkalinity, warm temperature, and gentle pressure is used to speed up the natural process of tissue breakdown. This process reduces the organic material to its basic building blocks, leaving the inorganic mineral bone that is then processed into a powder to return inside an urn to the family.

We offer a superior method of pet cremation services in the Long Island area and the entire city of New York metropolitan area.

For over 20 years, trusted institutions have chosen this process for the dignified and environmentally conscious disposition of bodies donated to medical science. The MAYO Clinic, UCLA Medical School and UTSW Medical School have chosen this process for their distinguished willed body programs.  Aquamation has many benefits compared with other disposition methods. They include:

No Direct Emissions of Harmful Greenhouse Gases in our Pet Cremation Service

During the aquamation process, there is no emission of gases in the air. Other methods of disposition emit gases, and some of them are toxic. For instance, burial is considered a contributing factor in methane gas emission, a greenhouse gas promoting global warming. 

Burial when embalming is taken into account leads to the formation of toxic liquids throughout decomposition; this liquid can seep into different underground areas and get into our underground water. 


Energy Efficient

The Aquamation method is also more energy-efficient. This is because it uses a fraction of energy compared to cremation. A pet cremation process can use temperatures of up to 1,000˚C.  Aquamation uses less than 10% of this energy for our pet cremation process. It is without question the best compared to other pet aftercare options when it comes to energy efficiency. There is no burning of fossil fuels and no direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.


Most of the Pet’s Remains Are Retained

The pet’s ash remains after aquamation are 20% more than those of flame cremation. Some pet bones are destroyed during incineration or cremation and expelled into the air or atmosphere.

After the pet cremation serviceprocess, the bone remains of the pet are rinsed and dried in the air to form a white or sand-like powder. The powdered remains are lighter in color than in the cremation method because there is no carbon discoloration during aquamation.

It is A Water-Based Process

Unlike flame pet cremation, which uses fire, aquamation uses water to return a pet back to mother nature. Also, the water used is minimal. It is less than what one household can use in a single day and also includes that used for the whole process and cleaning. 

It Is A Completely Sterile Process

The Aqua Cremation method neutralizes all potential diseases or medications like the ones used for chemotherapy or Euthanasia. As a green alternative to flame cremation, there are many advantages to choosing aquamation. One of the most important benefits of this form of pet cremation; Owners retain all the pet cremains through this gentle dignified process and it’s returned pathogen free and 100% sterile.

Cleaner Ash Remains

Aquamation produces clean ash remains, which are more white than those formed from a pet flame cremation method. This is because burning produces carbon which discolors the ashes during cremation.  Ash color can vary due to a variety of factors such as animal health, age, pigmentation and bone density.

There are Many Things You Can Do With The Remains of Your Pet

Having the remains of your pet in an personalized urn present many meaningful things you can do or use. You can choose to keep the cremains in the urn forever, or you can have them scattered in one or more special places. You can use the powdered ashes of your pet when planting a memorial tree, plant, or garden in Long Island or other sites if you decide to travel.

You can also incorporate the ash remains into art, paintings, glass jewelry or solidify them into “parting stones.”  Other pet owners can decide to make statues, and they can add the ash remains and mix them with concrete to add something real into their sculptures. 

At Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation, we can also help you decide on the best way you would want to memorialize your pet. You’re free to contact us anytime, and we will be quick to respond to your situation and start the journey of taking care of your departed friend. 

Whatever option you pick, we will guide you and offer extra help and services in giving your pet the most appropriate send-off or final celebration of their life. We will also help with your pressing questions regarding the pet memorial services and how best you can utilize their ash remains. You can also call us, and we will be happy to offer our time and come to your Long Island or New York home or residence and help you with the final journey preparations for your pet.  

Why You Should Choose Compassionate Care Pet Aquamation Services

We will provide you with compassionate care and show you the same standard of excellence we provide to every family we serve. We are dedicated, compassionate, and licensed professionals with rich experiences in pet aquamation services. We offer this pet cremation alternative in a respectful, gentle, and personal manner. 

Our prices are fair and affordable with many free options included. Please call us today at 516-608-2279 to find out more. We thank you for considering making this world greener  one pet at a time.