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Pets are a great part of our lives, no matter how occupied or busy we are with our jobs, businesses, or other engagements. Some of us even celebrate them with cakes on their birthdays, wrap presents for them during holidays, buy special toys on their sick days, and accompany them on vacations. When your pet passes on, they leave a huge emptiness that can be very difficult to be filled.

The sadness can be immense, and it’s good to allow yourself to mourn the loss of your beloved pet. However, while nothing can bring back your departed friend, an honor of your pet’s life with great memories that you shared can help counteract the grief or guilt of death. There are numerous ways to memorialize your pet, below are popular memorial ideas that can help you ease the pain of your loss:

Write An Obituary

Just like human tradition, write your pet’s obituary and include both the standard and your individual information. Write down their birth date and when they became a member of your family.

Also, write about their favorite game or toy, best napping spots, the people or even other animals or pets they were close to, and their brilliant tricks or quirks. Going through remembering facts about your pet’s memory when they were alive will be very comforting and will also highlight the importance of their life.

You can choose to share the obituary with a group of relatives and friends or post it on your social media or other online platforms. Most importantly, you can save it on your treasure or memory box and read it occasionally, especially when you feel moody.

Develop A Written Tribute

You can write your tribute in any form that best suits the memories and feelings you have for your deceased companion. It can be in the form of a letter, a poem, an account describing the life of your departed companion, or any other effective articulation of your recollections. Focusing on developing your pet’s memorial with a tribute will actively help you concentrate on positive remembrances. 

Create A Photo Tribute

Another way to honor the life of your pet is by choosing their beautiful photo, having it framed, and placing it in your most comforting spot. You can also make a collection by putting together your pet’s photos either at different ages or while engaging in separate activities.

For instance, consider purchasing mats with as many as 10 or 20 photos or even more if you want a nice display of your pet’s photo collection. You can then have your matted collection in a beautiful frame, making it easy for their preservation.

Get A Painted Portrait

You can find a good artist in pet magazines or sites because that’s where most of them list their services. You can also search online using the keywords such as “pet portraits.” Since it’s difficult to convince a pet to “pose” or “sit” for a portrait, most artists work from the photos provided by the pet owners. You have to pick the best photo of your pet, preferably the one with a good view of their face, and take or send it to your artist. Original artwork is also an excellent alternative for a photograph.   

Hold A Memorial Service

If you find comfort in other people’s presence, holding a memorial service for your pet by inviting close buddies and family who “get it” is a great way to grieve. The guests should be those people who understood the relationship between you and your pet. Gathering your pet’s name, verbalizing hilarious stories, and laughing a little will help you a lot in dealing with the passing on of your departed buddy. 

Plant New Life In Your Pet’s Memory

You can also create memorials of your pet by planting a tree, vegetable garden, or flower bed in their gravesite or any location that you feel will complete the life circle of your unique recollections of your pet. It can also be a spot where your pet liked to play or rest. You can also plant the tree or flower bed where your pet stores his/her treasures.

From Pet Ashes To Ink

You can also get a tattoo of your dog or pet on any part of your skin; it can be her picture or a paw print. Today, people have found a way to make their memorials personal by having artists mix their pet’s ashes with ink and using it to get tattooed on their bodies.

Memorialize by Making A Donation

Another excellent way to remember your pet is to contribute to a charity. You can decide to make contributions that will capture their spirit, such as donating to a research center if they suffered from a particular disease. You can also donate a bench to a park she enjoyed hanging out or even have an honorary award in her name if she was a participant in a specific event or show.

Loving a pet is delightful; losing one is difficult and sometimes very painful. These tips will enable you to deal with your grief healthily. Also, these ideas for your departed buddy memorials will truly help you celebrate their life and remember the quality times you shared for years to come.